But Tankor was spared this fate, instead overseeing the deathmatch arena along with Obsidian, Razorclaw, Reptilion, and Striker. However, here they are rather thin, a necessity since they have to fold against the shoulders/upper arms for the transformation. Nightviper(cobra) 5. Also, due to the transformation scheme, there is a rather wide open section in the middle on the sides that shows off the sides of the robot hips. The Key Manipulating events from behind the scenes, Tankor tricked Rattrap into activating an organic rapid-growth catalyst that would make the organics appear much more powerful and out of control, thus inspiring Megatron to take more radical measures to contain them. 7, Tankor was one of three sentient Vehicons generals created by Galvatron using the sparks of his former minions, Doomshot, Krunix, and Nucleon, following the Vehicon Apocalypse. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay.com. Wave 2: Depthcharge - A rather nice-looking recolor of the Transmetal Beast Wars Ultra. Store Preorders; Latest Updates; Jan 20 2021 (176) Jan 17 2021 (98) Jan 13 2021 (120) Jan 10 2021 (81) Jan 6 2021 (149) Toy Type; Sealed (777) Packaged, opened (777) Complete (2150) Figure (247) Accessories (140) Boxes/Packaging (443) Paperwork … BWTF.COM is copyright of Benson Yee since 1997. None of the combatants realized that it was taking its captives to Unicron for use in a massive army. Shortly into Starscream's reign, Tankor helped Flatline deal with the wounded after the Necrotitan's death wave, and, having fallen in with Scoop's religious rhetoric, he accused Starscream of being the source of the city's troubles and of letting them all down. No Exit When a submerged Titan was discovered, which declared Starscream the chosen one, Tankor witnessed this along with many others Primus: All Good Things and believed in the promise of post-factional peace that Stasrcream preached. Furthermore, though the toy was named "Tankor" and said so on its box; the instructions oddly misspell his name as "Tankorr." Beast Machines Thrust. Interac e-transfer or cash accepted. The Line Between Us, When Sentinel Prime showed up in the Decepticon ghetto and started killing people, the Tankors and Ironhide responded and fought him to little success. Help us make this the best resource site for Transformers ever! This includes six in each arm and five in each leg. Beast Machines was the toyline successor to Beast Wars, running from very late 1999 to early 2001. On the panels over the front treads, there is a handle and outlined panel that in place of the small headlights the Tankor CGI model had in the same place. Fallout, After using the Divine Light to access Primus's power, Cryotek reanimated several Sharkticon corpses into facsimiles of Megatron's old subordinates, including one of Tankor. During Christmas, Tankor dressed up like Santa Claus and handed out Generation 1 toys. He's slow, simple-minded and immensely powerful. The … Megatron Origin #2, During the war, Tankor fled Cybertron, and returned there in the present day with the promise of peace. Beast Machines: Transformers is an American-Canadian animated television series produced by Mainframe Entertainment as part of the Transformers franchise. Rattrap and Blackarachnia first encountered the three Vehicon Generals when looking for their ship, the Autobot shuttle Omega Delta, at a spaceport. The chest has a set of five (non-firing) rockets built into the left and what look like small machine gun ports on the right. Add to that his alt form of a tank and he makes for a fun addition to the "Generations" line. Transformers Beast Machines Toys ← Back to toy list menu All Transformers Characters → ... Tankor: 80472: Assortment #80475 - Ultra Jetstorm (Ultra) 80493: Nightscream: 80494: T-Wrecks: 80516 ↑ top. Transformers Beast Machines Deluxe Jetstorm 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. The result is a vehicle mode that was more about function (Tankor speeding around while blasting away and yelling) than hiding from Earthlings. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/08/16, Unicron, his ruined form trapped between dimensions, sought to revitalize himself by pitting abducted Transformers against each other within his own body, absorbing their energon radiation and, eventually, sparks. Rav(raven) 6. 1. Red is used to paint the "rockets" on his chest. However, this figure is the first shot Hasbro's taken in ages to create a "show accurate" representation of the character. However, this is balanced out by his natural state of blind frustration and destructive rage, which makes getting him to listen to any cajoling a less than simple task.