When he gets loose in the motel room, Battersea is able to send a pretty detailed message as to their location. But she manages to get around the hotel, including its grounds, pretty easily with only a white cane to guide her. Vincent then goes to a pay phone and calls Dr. Samuel Crowell (Ed Begley, giving a relatively subdued performance), getting in touch with the real doctor this time. As to why this particular individual is an alien is not explained (are they all over the place in the forest?). Later that evening, Katler is knocked off because of his failure to deliver the goods. Cook's mission, we learn later, is to "help the government overhaul the country's defense installations." She tells him that she is on his side, because she feels the Invaders' operation will backfire, that they cannot pollute the earth with radiation because they need the planet for colonization. Well written, paced and acted, though the wrap-up in the Epilog is a bit too quick. At the greenhouse, Jessup and pals are pleased to find the spores, some of which are now growing quite quickly. Shay says Vincent reminds him of a line from the play Charlie's Aunt: "I'm from Brazil, where the nuts come from.". Alquist smokes during a meeting with various Invader big shots; so do several of them. Later, when Cook tries to call the Washington military bigshots to warn them not to show up, suddenly he can't get through on the phone because "all circuits are out.". First it doesn't seem to realize who they are, and later it locates them, but then suddenly is called away because it ran out of fuel (thus enabling them to get further away). The Invaders saison 2 épisode 01 : Condition: Red - Vidéos, acteurs, résumé, notes, commentaires, audiences, courbe des moyennes, citations There is no indication what motivated Vincent to do this. When Corwin's man fights with Vincent in the antique shop, he impales himself on something and burns up. At the beginning of the show, Vincent is working on a project for the Albert Construction Company, P.D. In fact, she asks him to light her cigarette. Only Alquist can stop the launch, but Vincent and Ellie manage to finally convince Halvorsen of Alquist's evil plans. Prior to Vincent's arrival, Ted snoops in a filing cabinet in the lab, trying to get information on the death of James Garner, father of his fiancée Janet (and major benefactor for their research into treating mental illness via "behavior control"). As well, the lighting at the meeting between The Invaders and the earthlings is lit very effectively with a lantern on the table. Apr 30, 2015 - The Invaders: Season 1, Episode 2 The Mutation (24 Jan. 1967) Edward Andrews, Roy Thinnes Vincent constructs a Molotov cocktail which he throws into the greenhouse, causing a conflagration which either forces the Invaders out into the open where they are killed, or just burned up, as in Jessup's case. Read More . They are captured, and brought back down. Annie: Anne Francis. Vincent and Elyse avoid being captured by Invaders and take refuge in a "safe hotel" that Scolville has set up. Warren later confronts Baxter, saying that Baxter is "not being very loyal to [his] race," to which Baxter replies, "Which race -- Negro or human?" Hatcher: Mark Richman. Vincent arrives shortly after and gets a call from Gibbs which is answered by Hattie's husband, Hank Willis (Will Geer), who used to be the town sheriff. Vincent wants Keller to bring his wife to the base for a medical checkup to determine whether or not she is human. After taking care of two Invaders who show up searching for the duo, Vincent goes back to town, where he convinces Battersea to come back to the shack alone. They finally get there, while at least five guards point their guns at them, waiting for instructions from the Invaders' Really Big Boss. Janet appears on the stand twice, the second time impeaching her own testimony as a prosecution witness. Chronologie Saison 1 Saison 3 modifier La deuxième saison de The Mandalorian est constituée de huit épisodes. Slater: Harold Gould. Clair puts up a lot of resistance, because she really believes in Avery, who has given her "beauty and faith and a reason for living." Mills: James Callahan. His right hand is soaked with blood. Use the … Near the end of the show, Shay gets immolated. In order to rid of Vincent, who is considered a nuisance, McKinley is asked to give Manners a physical exam, despite the fact that he killed her husband. Vincent very obviously attempts to grab the suitcase and, in the ensuing fight, some hot-rodders from outside who the two of them hassled when coming into the place grab the case and take off. Baxter replies, "Just because he's Negro, I'm not going to whitewash him." Vincent smokes when he is talking to Pat Reed and also when he talks to Edgar Scoville. (American Institute of Architects). At first, Keller finds this suggestion preposterous, but later relents to shut Vincent up. ", In the DVD commentary, producer Alan Armer calls this one of his favorite episodes. Reports on her project that Pat submits to Washington for funding are rewritten in a negative way by the secretary of the boss of the Centre, John Slaton (Simon Scott), so they are rejected by the governmental powers-that-be. Vincent pleads with McEvoy not to take such drastic action, and turn back the clock through some kind of mass hypnosis. This comes out of containers labeled "Decontaminant," and was presumably going to be used to kill everyone. Scoville smokes when talking to Vincent after the escape from the alien bunker. Vincent soon appears, though there is no indication why he should, other than reading between the lines of newspaper stories about this horrible accident. After the exchange, Vincent taunts Kalter, who suddenly turns and orders his men to shoot the aliens, all of whom are immolated.