Maiden Hurdle/Chase: For horses who have not previously won a hurdle/chase race. Learn more. See more. The standard sprint or short hurdle race is 110 meters for men and 100 meters for women. Hurdle definition, a portable barrier over which contestants must leap in certain running races, usually a wooden frame with a hinged inner frame that swings down under impact to prevent injury to a runner who does not clear it. They are also known in the world of sports as obstacle races and involve the use of speed to reach the objective, which in this case is the goal. Dictionary entry overview: What does hurdle race mean? Hurdle race is basically an athletic sport that includes the track and field in which an athlete runs over a series of obstacles that are set at a fixed distance. Alternative Title: hurdle race Hurdling , sport in athletics (track and field) in which a runner races over a series of obstacles called hurdles, which are set a fixed distance apart. A hurdle (UK English, limited US English) is a moveable section of light fence.In the United States, terms such as "panel", "pipe panel" or simply "fence section" are used to describe moveable sections of fencing intended for agricultural use and crowd control; "hurdle" refers primarily to fences used as jumping obstacles for steeplechasing with horses or human track and field competition. A hurdle is a barrier or other obstacle that a runner has to jump over during a race. Definition of hurdles in the dictionary. If you trip on a hurdle, you probably won't win the race. ... Rate this definition: hurdles, hurdling, hurdle race (noun) a footrace in which contestants must negotiate a series of hurdles. The standard long hurdle race is 400 meters for both men and women. You can complete the translation of hurdle race given by the English-Spanish Collins dictionary with other dictionaries such as: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, … Meaning of hurdles. Novice Hurdle: Restricted to horses who had not won a hurdle race prior to the start of the current season. hurdle meaning: 1. a frame or fence for jumping over in a race: 2. a race in which people or horses jump over…. Each of these races is run over ten hurdles and they are all Olympic events.. With Reverso you can find the English translation, definition or synonym for hurdle race and thousands of other words. A winner of a novice hurdle may run in another such event in the same season but would have to carry a … The need for a common definition will help frame the future points of this article. 1. a footrace in which contestants must negotiate a series of hurdles Familiarity information: HURDLE RACE used as a noun is very rare. Military Dictionary and Gazetteer (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: Hurdle race is a type of track and field race. The standard number of steps to the first hurdle should be 8. There are sprint hurdle races and long hurdle races. A drill is an exercise or planned movement with the desired goal of improving any single aspect of the hurdle movement for … Men and women run 400 meters in the standard long hurdle race. The standard sprint hurdle race is 110 meters for men and 100 meters for women. The concept of “hurdle drills” looks different depending on who is asked. • HURDLE RACE (noun) The noun HURDLE RACE has 1 sense:. Each of these races … ‘A chase involves larger, rigid fences while a hurdle race is run over shorter, more flexible obstacles.’ ‘The athletes form a line behind the cone hurdles and must run to each hurdle, stop dead in front of it, then with both feet together, jump over the hurdle, landing on the toes.’ What does hurdles mean?